Google Docs Intermediate: Term 2. Wks 1,2&3. 2018

This credential short course is conducted over a three week period and is open to all staff and will provide eligible teachers with FOUR hours of accreditation with NESA. Participants are expected to invest approximately 6-8 hours to complete a range of 'hands on' competency based activities and assignments to provide evidence of their learning. Those participants who have completed the Google Docs Basics short course or who have a basic understanding of how to create a Google Doc for collaboration can explore ways to move from simply enhancing learning through the use of Google Docs to achieving transformational learning. Three modules will explore ways to build interactive learning experiences by exploring ways to integrate the SAMR model (Modification and Redefinition) with Google Docs and learn how to incorporate a ‘workflow’ (with other apps) to increase student's ability to use technology effectively and appropriately.